Tune in to NBC's Crossing Jordan on January 6th for a new episode featuring Jerry O'Connell as detective Woody Hoyt.


01-06-2003 10:00PM

A PERSONAL GRUDGE TESTS GARRET'S OBJECTIVITY AS HE INVESTIGATES HIS CHIEF RIVAL -- The investigation into the murder of a Boston woman hits close to home for Garret (Miguel Ferrer) because the prime suspect in the homicide -- the victim's husband -- is a well known criminal forensics expert (guest star Hart Bochner) who has publicly second-guessed the chief M.E.'s work. Personal feeling aside, Garret pushes Det. Woody Hoyt (guest star Jerry O'Connell) to look beyond his nemesis for other possible suspects. Meanwhile, the reappearance of a long forgotten Cavanaugh home movie brings a dangerous family secret to light when Jordan (Jill Hennessy) uncovers her mother's image on the film, forcing Max (Ken Howard) to reconcile a past decision. Steve Valentine, Ravi Kapoor, Kathryn Hahn and Lorraine Toussaint also star.



It seems that Jerry and his brother Charlie are spending the holidays in Maui! While on vacation in Hawaii, Vanessa and her family spotted the brothers lunching at the "Cheeseburger in Paradise Grill" a well known local hamburger joint in Lahaina, Maui. Vanessa honored Jerry's privacy and didn't intrude on his lunch to ask for an autograph. However, she did notice that Jerry kept his order simple, sticking to a traditional Cheeseburger. Thanks to Vanessa and Fabio for sharing the news!



The release of Jerry's latest movie, "Kangaroo Jack," is just around the corner! The movie opens January 17th, 2003, but according to the promotions department at Warner Bros. there will be a few sneak previews on January 4th, 2003 and January 11th 2003. Contact your local theaters for more information.

"KANGAROO JACK" PREMISE: Two friends from Brooklyn, hairdresser Charlie Carbone and musician Louis Fucci (Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson), are forced to deliver mob money to Australia. When one of them places his red jacket on a wild kangaroo while attempting to snap a picture, the kangaroo bounces off with his jacket -- and the mob's money. Now the race is on to find the kangaroo and reclaim their money before the mob comes a'callin'.

According to the Kangaroo Jack Buzzalong site at, a Kangaroo Jack soundtrack is being released on January 14th. Tracks include: Soft Cell - "Tainted Love," Shaggy, "Hey Sexy Lady," DJOtzi "Hey Baby" and more.

There is also a Kangaroo Jack Sweepstakes where one lucky person can win $50,000. Here is the message from the Warner Brothers promotions department.

I just wanted to let you know about an exciting new movie that is opening on Friday, January 17, 2003 nation-wide titled KANGAROO JACK, starring Jerry O'Connell , Anthony Anderson, Estella Warren and Christopher Walken.

Directed by David McNally, Kangaroo Jack is an exciting movie for the whole family, great for all ages – for both kids, teens, adults- basically the whole family! The protagonist of the film is – you guessed it- a kangaroo with an attitude who shares quite some time with Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson and Estella Warren.

The website for the movie is truly an interactive experience. From its interactive Flash navigation to its series of "Outback Games," the Kangaroo Jack web site is all about catching the feisty kangaroo. The site's Flash introduction first familiarizes users with the smiling, mischievous kangaroo, as he opens his red jacket, flashes the money and hops away...after breaking the camera glass. From there, the site gives users loads of gear and opportunities to catch this speedy 'roo, from a LandCruiser in "The LandCruiser Chase" to a bola in "Bola Practice," and even an “Airplane chase game.” The site gives you behind-the-scenes information to popular online features like games, buddy icons, e-cards and wallpapers, in addition to one spectacular chase of the film's elusive kangaroo, and a pure immersion of the audience in the atmosphere of the film and the Australian Outback.

To have a good time with Jack or to experience production notes, film stills, and the trailer - please visit or AOL Keyword: Kangaroo Jack.
In addition to this amazing site, please check out the Eyetide Screensaver at

Besides the screen saver and the official site please also check out the "Online Street Campaign” at

However we are not quiet finished yet: We are also sponsoring a sweepstakes where one lucky winner will receive $50,000! We are printing 1 million "Jack Dollars" to be freely distributed at various locations in the U.S. only. When folded on the ground, they look like real money. But, when you open them up, you realize that they are actually "Kangaroo Jack" bills, complete with official art from the film. Instructions will be printed on each bill to register online at to win $50,000. The winner will be randomly selected from the entries on Fri., 1/24/03. So if you can pass a word around about these special sweepstakes that would be great. Everyone needs an extra $50,000 in their pocket!

Furthermore- be on the lookout for sneak previews on Sat., 1/4/03, and Sat., 1/11/03.



It looks like a Crossing Jordan spinoff featuring Jerry's character "Woody Hoyt" is in the early development stage.

Jerry ) - "My character is being spun off later this season, probably in early May. You'll see my guy go to Los Angeles and get involved with the "Sunset Division." I have too much fun working with Jill Hennessy to stay away from the show. I thoroughly enjoy kissing her, so I hope to God they don't get rid of that."

During a recent interview with Zap2it, O’Connell reveals that Detective Woody Hoyt, his recurring character on NBC’s "Crossing Jordan," will be spun-off into his own series.

"Yeah, it’s going to happen. We’re going to shoot it next week," O’Connell confirms.

He also reveals some of the details of the show.

"My character, who is Detective Woody Hoyt, goes out to L.A. to avenge the murder of a sheriff from his home town ... and he gets roped up with these people called the Sunset Division out here, which is sort of like an elite force. Sort of like 'Miami Vice' meets, you know, my character."

LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- NBC is courting Jerry O'Connell to star in a spinoff of "Crossing Jordan," the network's sophomore drama that stars Jill Hennessy as an intrepid medical examiner.

Sources said discussions are under way to develop a new series around the amiable police detective that O'Connell plays on the NBC Studios drama. Detective Woody Hoyt was introduced late last season as a love interest for Hennessy's character, Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh.

"Jordan" creator/executive producer Tim Kring has spearheaded the discussions about a spinoff, though the idea is said to still be in the formative stage. And sources also stressed that O'Connell has yet to decide whether he'll commit to the project. The actor has a starring role in a feature due out next month, the Jerry (news - web sites) Bruckheimer-produced comedy "Kangaroo Jack."

"Jordan" proved a solid performer for the peacock in its debut last season. This year, the show has faced tougher competition in the Monday 10 p.m. slot against CBS' "CSI: Miami," but it still ranks as
one of primetime's top dramas in the key adults 18-49 demographic.

O'Connell's TV credits include the Fox series "Sliders" and NBC miniseries "The '60s." On the big screen, he has had roles in "Jerry Maguire," "Scream 2" and "Can't Hardly Wait."

Kring is repped by Endeavor. O'Connell is with Endeavor and 3 Arts Entertainment.



Over the past few weeks Jerry's been photographed at quite a few events in Los Angeles (visit On December 1st Jerry rode in the "Kangaroo Jack" Jeep for the 2002 Blockbuster Hollywood Spectacular Parade. Jerry and his Kangaroo Jack costar, Anthony Anderson, donated toys at the Motorola 4th Annual Holiday Party on December 5th. Jerry was also photographed with Big Brother III winner Lisa Donahue at the recent Smirnoff Ice Roller Skating Holiday Party (Dec. 12) and the PS2 Tour featuring Camp Freddy (Dec 16).

According to Ted Casablanca at E! Online's "The Awful Truth," Jerry also attended Shannon Elizabeth's Animal Avengers Benefit Party on December 10th...

Always putting their furry friends first are Shannon Elizabeth and her hubby, Joe Reitman, who threw a Tuesday-night get-down at Hell-Ay's Key Club on the Strip. The do benefited, natch, S.E's pet project, Animal Avengers... H-town crowd included A.J.'s fellow band-bud Kevin Richardson, Sopranos sweetie Drea de Matteo, Survivor babe Jerri Manthey and even a solo-swinging (for a stunning two seconds) Jerry O'Connell.



This gossip appeared in the November 28th edition of Ted Casablanca's "The Awful Truth" at Thanks to Shari_Lynn for passing the news on.

Jerry O'Connell , playing the dating game at Balthazar. SoHo. While waiting for his setup to arrive, the chiseled cutie confided to the waitress he was just a bundle of nerves. First dates can do that, ya know? And guess who his dishy dame turned out to be? The pert Melanie Lazenby (daughter of the short-lived 007 George ). Sorry, gals, from the looks of it, the evening went well. The two lookers walked out into the New Yawk rain arm in arm. But I'm guessing the Tomcat ain't quite off the market yet, because a few nights afterward...

J.O'C. was out on the town dining at Pastis. Big Apple's meat-packing district. Clad in a gray tee and jeans, the single white male was again playing the grade-A field. Joined by a dark-haired honey, Jare-babe later burned off his delish meal at the nearby Club Lotus. No time for settling down these days, I'm sure.




Jerry and his brother Charlie appeared on the November 29th edition of Celebrity Justice (Thanks to Yyan for the heads up!). The short interview was taped at the premiere of Charlie's movie "Kiss the Bride" on October 23rd. Celebrity Justice asked Jerry and Charlie for a few Fan Etiquette Don'ts.

Don't Interrupt them in the bathroom:

Jerry - "I actually always hate it when guys like say, "Hey! You're Jerry O'Connell..." and I'm at a urinal. [Jerry turns his back to the camera and pretends he's at a urinal] "OK, just give me one sec and I'll talk to you, I promise. I'll give you an autograph."
Charlie - "What's a dump."

Jerry - "Girls! When they run up to you and they kiss you on the lips and you are with, like, your girlfriend or something!" (starts to laugh)
Charlie - "That's a DO - That's a DO!"



On November 8th Jerry was interviewed by Rick Dees at KIIS FM in Los Angeles. Jerry talks about getting wake-up calls from his mom, his dog Blackie (who sadly is now deceased), and playing a detective on Crossing Jordan. You can listen to the interview in real audio at Rick Dees Online.



Jerry called in to Jackson Tennessee radio station Z105.3 Monday Morning December 2nd for an interview with the Buzz and Harvey Show. If you missed the live broadcast over the Internet, you can read a copy of the transcript here.

Jerry O'Connell, previously in Sliders, Jerry Maguire, Scream 2, Tomcats, currently on NBC's "Crossing Jordan", and in the soon-to-be-released movie "Kangaroo Jack", will be calling into the Buzz & Harvey Show in the 9:00 hour.



Don't forget to tune in to Crossing Jordan "Don't Look Back" on Monday December 2nd. There is also good news for Jerry O'Connell fans. If you visit the Crossing Jordan web sites at either NBC Media Village or Jerry is now included in the biography section with the rest of the main cast. Perhaps Woody is now considered a regular character on the show along with Bug, Nigel and Lily?


12-02-2002 10:00PM

JORDAN AND WOODY HEAD TO LOS ANGELES ON THE TRAIL OF A HOLLYWOOD STARLET'S KILLER -- The discovery of a Hollywood starlet's body in the back of a smashed semi-truck on a country road, leads Jordan (Jill Hennessy) and her unwitting accomplice Det. Woody Hoyt (guest star Jerry O'Connell) back to the streets sunny of Southern California and some steamy moments in the Mojave Desert as they search for a suspect. Meanwhile, Garret's (Miguel Ferrer) old college classmate (guest star) pays a visit to the morgue allegedly searching for his missing wife and Lily (Kathryn Hahn) deals with her own unexpected guest when her mother (guest star Lesley Ann Warren, "Secretary" ) arrives in Boston. Ravi Kapoor, Steve Valentine and Lorraine Toussaint also star.



The Official Kangaroo Jack web site has been redesigned and now includes a photo gallery, games, postcards, and more!



Jerry has recently been seen out and about during his stay in New York City. On November 14th Jerry attended a Listen2This Live! event featuring Uncle Kracker in Chelsea. Here's the news from the December 6th issue of Entertainment Weekly:

"Uncle Kracker rocked the house at Entertainment Weekly's most recent Listen 2 This Live event on November 14th. We took over the hot new club Sessa in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, and nearly 500 guests - including several celebrity VIPs - packed the place to hear both Uncle Kracker and DJ Beverly Bond."

On November 18th Jerry attended P.Diddy's birthday party at the Supper Club. You can view photos from the event at

Page Six of the New York Post also reported a recent Jerry sighting on November 20th.

"Sighting - JERRY O'Connell brunching at Balthazar with Melanie Lazenby, daughter of former James Bond George Lazenby."



Go to TV NOW to get the current U.S. television schedule for Jerry O'Connell's movies and TV shows.






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